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EAGreat.com is a maid database website and a service to help employers to search for suitable Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) / Maids. This portal displays a huge database of housemaids legally registered under Great Employment Agency. Our database is always increasing daily and updated with new bio-datas. Currently, we have more than 500 bio-datas for selection.

Great Employment Agency is established in 2006 and is one of the most trusted maid agencies in Singapore. We specialize in providing high quality Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) / Maids originating from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar. It is our mission to supply well-trained and disciplined FDWs to our customers. We have the facilities and capabilities to provide strict and relevant training to our FDWs to ensure that they are qualified and able to perform to the best. Our own training centre in Indonesia, trusted partners in the Philippines and Myanmar help to ensure quality training is completed before they arrive in Singapore.

Great Employment Agency takes great pride in understanding our customers’ needs so we can introduce the most suitable FDW. We aim to provide you with honest and high quality service.

Our Locations:

Main office in Beauty World Centre

Main office in Beauty World Centre

Main Office
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Beauty World Centre #02-36
Singapore 588177
Phone : 6466 0040
Fax : 6446 3450

Bukit Timah Branch
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #01-09
Singapore 588179
Phone : 6466 6684
Fax : 6466 3364

Katong Branch
865 Mountbatten Road
Katong Shopping Centre #B1-95
Singapore 437844
Phone : 6344 4838
Fax : 6344 4938


Overseas Training Centres

PT. Pati
Raya Pati – Tayu No. 88 Rt.07/04
Ds. Trangkil – Kec. Trangkil
Kab. Pati Jawa Tengah 59153

PT. Kendal
Jl. Menur No. 10 Rt. 03/02
Kel. Karangayu
Kec. Cepiring – Kab. Kendal
Jawa Tengah – Indonesia

Kendal Waleri
Jl. Ar Rahmah Ds. Ngasinan Rt.
009/003 weleri kendal
Jawa Tengah – Indonesia

PT. Bella Sukses Mandiri
Jln. Soekarno Hatta No. 113 RT.04/01 Ds.Menganti
Kec. Kesugihan Kab. Cilacap
Jawa Tengah – Indonesia


Training in progress

Training in progress


Training in progress

Training in progress





PT. Bella Training Centre

Training Centre




Great Employment Agency provides the following services:

1. Employment of new FDWs
Our FDWs come from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar. These FDWs undergo strict and intensive training prior to their arrival in Singapore.

2. Employment of Transfer FDWs
These FDWs can be deployed in your house typically around 1-2 weeks.

3. Direct Hire
We are able to do up the necessary arrangements to bring your pre-selected FDW to Singapore.

4. Work Permit Application / Renewal / Cancellation
This is done through the MOM website.

5. Security Bond, Personal Accident and Medical Insurance
Employers are required to provide a $5000 banker’s guarantee and take up a personal accident and medical insurance for their FDW. We have tied up with a leading insurance company to provide appropriate insurance coverage for our customers.

6. Medical Check-up
FDWs are required by law to attend medical check-ups upon arrival in Singapore. They are also required to go every 6 months.

7. Settling-in-Programme (“SIP”)
It is compulsory for new FDWs to attend SIP to briefly orientate themselves with the housing environment in Singapore.

8. Fingerprint Service
Upon arrival in Singapore, FDWs are required to attend a medical check-up, SIP and have their fingerprints stamped on relevant documents.

9. Employer’s Orientation Programme (“EOP”)
We will inform new employers that the EOP is compulsory for them.This is stipulated by MOM. This allows employers to understand certain regulations and responsibilities of hiring a FDW. Classroom EOP costs $28 to $30 while online EOP costs $40. EOP is a 3 hour programme.

10. Liaison with Embassies
We liaise with the relevant embassies in the application of Home Leave / Endorsement and Passport Renewal.

11. Booking of Air Tickets
We help in booking of air tickets for FDW’s holidays or 1 way ticket.

12. Counselling Services
Our experienced team provides free counselling services to the FDWs if required.

13. Follow Up Services
We are a strong believer of good after sales service. Service calls are done regularly in order to understand how the FDW is coping at your household.

14. Pick Up Services


If you have further enquiries, you can email to us at info@eagreat.com. We will get back to you within 1 to 2 working days.